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With a work such as RJ Valeo’s Atman there are many things we could call to your attention. We could call out that the title, Atman, has two almost opposite meanings depending on the translation you choose (Hindu/Budhist). We could talk about how it’s compositions have been inspired by modern minimalist movements and composers, such as the Bauhaus movement and Steve Reich, as well as has been informed by classic electronica acts such as The Orb. We could comment on the surprising complete lack of references to techno, surprising given Valeo’s successful techno release as Isomer Transition in 2009.

We could eloquently and humbly (humble for a press release) point out that the compositions on this album have sounds that were sourced from field recordings, hardware, software, and from recording sessions with Trevor Sias and Justin Michael Miller. We could tell you that it took over a year and a half to compose and record, and made use of a compositional technique Valeo has championed called ‘live performance capture’. We could say all of these things.

We could put forth, with much egoic pride, the fact that not only did Valeo produce and record the album him self, but he also mastered it, runs the label it is released on, does all the artwork for all the releases, and manages everything for the label. We could, with an institutional tone and air of authority, espouse the sonic depth and unbridled creativity presented in this this work.

We could do all of this but we won’t.

What we will do is ask that you put all of your ideas of what ‘modern electronic music’ should be aside and allow yourself to experience Atman. Allow yourself to experience it as a complete work, and to listen to it in it’s entirety from start to finish.

We believe that when listened to in this manner that the record speaks for itself.

Atman will be release on Io Records on June 1st 2010 digitally and physically in a variety of formats and distribution methods.

We humbly thank you, and are grateful for your attention in these matters.


released June 1, 2010

Composed and recorded 2008 - 2010 in Brooklyn, NY and Atlanta GA by RJ Valeo.

Mastered in TheLab by RJ Valeo.
Coverart: Watercolor on cardstock by RJ Valeo



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rj valeo Atlanta, Georgia

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